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Iraq Parliament Approves 2011 Budget

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TEHRAN, Feb 21 (ICANA) – Iraq’s 2011 budget is a major achievement in comparison with previous years’ budgets, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Ousama Al Nujaifi said.
Monday, February 21, 2011 10:04:56 PM
Iraq Parliament Approves 2011 Budget
This year’s budget includes resolutions that serve people’s interests, Al Nujaifi said. In Iraq’s 2011 budget, the social benefits of the three presidencies were cancelled while investment expenses were increased, he added, according to the dispatches. The present budget supports the ration card system, the different provinces in the country and the sectors of Education and Agriculture. Iraqi Parliament ratified on Sunday night an $82.6 billion budget for 2011 and voted on its 47 paragraphs including mainly 20% pay cut in the three presidencies’ salaries while slashing salaries of MPs, ministers and the three Vice Presidents was adjourned until the Cabinet stipulates a special law thereto in the present budget. Iraqi Parliament ratified as well a decision to engage the Peshmerga Forces of Kurdistan within the central defense system. The funding would be provided by the central government while they would operate under the supervision of Kurdistan authorities. The Parliament voted as well to decline the budget by 4% and allocate the cut to services institutions. Part of new reforms, the Parliament approved to withdraw the vote of confidence of any minister who fails to achieve 75% of his ministry’s plans.
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