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Jordan Parliament Denounces U.S. Veto of Israeli Settlement Resolution

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TEHRAN, Feb 21 (ICANA) – The Lower House of Parliament on Monday denounced a U.S. veto of a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian territories.
Monday, February 21, 2011 10:17:31 PM
Jordan Parliament Denounces U.S. Veto of Israeli Settlement Resolution

In a statement issued Monday, the Lower House said "With deep regret and denunciation, the Jordanian House of Representatives received the U.S. veto of a draft UN resolution condemning Israel's settlements in the West Bank at a time when all other members of the UN Security Council voted in favor of the resolution except the United States." By using the veto, the United States undermined what had been achieved over years by those who are concerned with achieving peace in the Middle East, the legislature said, according to Petra news agency. The statement affirmed that the House sees a contradiction between what the U.S always declares and its practices on the ground in the Middle East. "The whole world knows that the Israeli stance is a stumbling block to the peace process because whenever peace talks move forward, Israel announces a new settlement project; therefore negotiations and peace efforts falter", the House stressed. The Jordanian House of Representatives was pinning "broad hopes" on the U.S.A to compel Israel and make it comply with UN resolutions, the statement said, adding that the legislature considers the American stance a "great shock" and disappointment and it will fuel tension in the Middle East. With this stance, the statement said, the Lower House regretfully believes that the United States can no longer, as a neutral mediator, take a neutral position necessary to serve the peace process.

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