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House of Lords Meets on Bahrain Revolution

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TEHRAN, Feb 23 (ICANA) – Hopes were high as the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights met at the House of Lords.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 9:42:29 AM
House of Lords Meets on Bahrain Revolution
They had just heard that political prisoners in Bahrain had been released, including opposition leader Hassan Meshaima. He had only left Britain the night before. Lord Avesbury, who lead the meeting, believes that a new regime is necessary to bring about democracy. The British government was defended at the meeting by Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Baroness Faulkner. She denied claims that the government in Britain had played any part in the release of political prisoners. But opponents were angry at what they called the double standards of western governments calling for democracy when, previously, they had played no interest in removing the dictators from office. The leader of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, Dr Saeed Shehabi, played a prominant role in the discussion. He thinks that releasing prisoners is a small step taken by the Bahraini government, but that their release will expose the abuse that they have suffered. Although steps have been taken to appease the protesters in Manama, it was agreed that the release of twenty five prisoners was not enough. Baroness Faulkner concluded by urging the one point six million Muslims in the UK to stand up and share solidarity with those in Bahrain, in order to convince governments here to do more. Despite the release of political prisoners, protesters will not give in until their demand for a transitional government, lead by the people not the ruling family, has been met.
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