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Larijani: Al-Az'har Scholars Lagged Behind Due to Dependence

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Feb 24 (ICANA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said in Qom Wednesday that Al-Az'har scholars lagged behind the people and could not play a serious and active role in Egypt's Revolution, since they were not independent.
Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:34:11 AM
Larijani: Al-Az'har Scholars Lagged Behind Due to Dependence

Larijani made the comment at the opening ceremony of Infallible Imams (AS) Jurisprudence Center further reiterating, “If seminary schools are not independent it would be problematic and at the time that their presence by the side of the people and their defense of the Islamic values is needed they would lag behind.” He said, “Under the current sensitive conditions that a kind of Islamic awareness has emerged in various Islamic countries the level of relations among seminaries at the international scene should be increased.” Larijani added, “Under the current conditions we have entered the era of revolutions and we are witness to great events in various countries, such as Tunisia, and other countries, but unfortunately, a kind of backwardness exists among the scholars and the seminaries of some of those countries. For instance, although the youth and the people have been the pioneers in these revolutions, the scholars in these countries have merely remained spectators.” The parliament speaker noted, “Today the regional nations no longer tolerate dictators who are affiliated to the west and wretchedly act at the service of the US and the Zionist regime since Islamic awareness is achieved in the Islamic countries and it would help the Sunni scholars, too, to gain their deserved statuses by and by.” Larijani said, “Under such conditions that the atmosphere is ripe for the participation of the Muslim scholars in various countries, they should try to reach higher academic levels and the seminaries, too, had better heed their responsibilities properly.” He stressed, “After the victory of the Islamic Revolution (of Iran) the conditions of the seminaries and the Muslim thinkers have entered a new phase and the Supreme Source of jurisprudence (Vali ye Faqih) has managed to materialize the essence of religious thoughts in various Islamic countries.” He said, “Sensitivity about the fate of the Islamic countries was among the serious concerns of the late Imam (P) and is a major concern of the Supreme Leader.” Larijani also referred to the pathology of the clergies at the seminaries from the Safavid Iran to the present day, arguing, “The best positive characteristic of the Shi'a seminaries has been their independence.” He meanwhile praised the late Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani as a great and far sighted source of jurisprudence, adding, “The establishment of such centers is very beneficial for the Islamic world.” The Infallible Imams (P) Jurisprudence Center that was opened in Qom on Wednesday night is run under the supervision of Ayatollah Muhammad Javad Fazel Lankarani, one of the sons of the late Ayatollah Mohammad Fazel Lankarani.

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