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German Minister Grilled over Plagiarism

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TEHRAN, Feb 24 (ICANA) – Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is the star of German politics. The 39-year-old defense minister outshines all with his ever-high popularity ratings, a favorite with the tabloids and the yellow press, of royal blood, a man of action, well mannered and educated. In parliament he now had to answer allegations that he had plagiarized a major portion of his doctoral thesis.
Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:50:06 AM
German Minister Grilled over Plagiarism

His Ph.D. thesis was therefore flawed. Shortly after the allegations of plagiarism first surfaced last week zu Guttenberg called them absurd. On Friday he temporarily renounced his title, on Monday he asked the University of Bayreuth to take it back entirely. The opposition was outraged, called him a forger, a liar and a cheat. Evidence had been overwhelming and the Internet played an important role in gathering it. The page GuttenPlag Wiki found copied sections without attribution on 286 pages of his thesis. Too many to speak of mere mistakes, the opposition argued. Guttenberg's own cohort though remains convinced of his qualities. Chancellor Merkel remained absent as her minister was grilled in parliament. She's on record as saying that he was appointed as minister of defense and not as an academic assistant, Press TV reported. The University of Bayreuth has already announced to strip zu Guttenberg of his title. His thesis did not comply with academic standards. The public though seems unimpressed. According to a recent poll his popularity ratings are now even higher than they were before the affair. Defense minister zu Guttenberg apologized for the apparent mistakes in his PhD thesis, but he will not step down. The opposition had strongly called for the resignation of the minister, who had cheated and lied. But it seems he can count on the backing of Chancellor Merkel. He might have to face legal charges though

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