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UK Arms Used to Suppress Nations

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TEHRAN, Feb 25 (ICANA) – The UK-made armored personnel carriers are roaming the streets of Libyan cities, equipped with other state-of-the-art British weaponry, to build democracy in Libya!
Friday, February 25, 2011 11:34:27 AM
UK Arms Used to Suppress Nations

The Daily Mail has published a picture, the most shaming picture to be published yet, of a British-made armored vehicle which Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi had obtained through a £5 million contract with the then British government in 2007 to suppress his own nation. The contract included armored personnel carriers, water cannons, crowd control ammunition and tear gas/irritant ammunitions. The Libyan ruler has been using these British-made weapons over recent days to silence his own people who are fed-up with the corrupt regime, which has been ruling them despotically for more than 40 years. The British governments should obviously have known that these weapons could be used to annihilate the oppressed people of Libya, yet they struck many deals with the dictator to supply his regime with the weapons, and to help him cling tightly on power throughout the decades. In 2007, the British government agreed on a £5 million package with Libya, which included armored personnel carriers and water cannons. Since then, the government has sold arms, worth tens of millions of pounds, to Gaddafi's regime. As recently as last summer, the coalition government approved licenses to sell products to Libya including 'crowd control ammunition', 'tear gas/irritant ammunition' and sniper rifles. These weapons like the water cannon and armored personnel carriers could obviously be used against the Libyan people, and the Foreign Office should have known it. The UK Prime Minister admitted Tuesday that Britain played a direct role in destabilizing the Middle East region by supporting dictators who suppress their own people. David Cameron conceded to his country's support for despots in the region while he was addressing the Kuwaiti Parliament on the second leg of his tour of the Middle East region, where he was accompanied by the heads of eight giant British weapons manufacturing companies. The Prime Minister said that popular uprisings now flaring across the Middle East showed that the West, Britain and the US in particular, had been wrong to support dictators and oppressive regimes that suppress human rights. The British government's arms sales to Middle Eastern countries account for around half of total arms exports, worth an estimated £7.2 billion a year.

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