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MP: West Unable to Undermine Iran's Clout

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, March 2 (ICANA)- A senior Iranian legislator described Iran's Islamic ruling system as a proper and successful model of governance, and said all the plots hatched by the enemies to stop this Iranian Islamic model from growing have failed.
Wednesday, March 02, 2011 9:23:42 AM
MP: West Unable to Undermine Iran's Clout

"The Iranian nation has succeeded in growing and displaying a model and paradigm of Islamic governance to the world…," Vice-Chairman of the parliament's Judicial Commission Moussa Ghazanfarabadi said in a parliament session here in Tehran on Tuesday.

He pointed to the plots hatched by Washington to undermine Iran's growing influence in the world, and stated, "The arrogant power (the US) has failed to stop the growth of this invaluable model despite all its plots and intrigues."

The Iranian lawmaker further stressed the Iranian nation's influence on the recent uprisings in the region, and noted, "Today, the Iranian nation is proud to hear the voice of its Revolution from the other countries out loud."

Ghazanfarabadi said that the world's nations are demanding Islam and freedom from the hegemony of the global arrogance and US puppets.

Inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, people in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain have been staging massive street protests to press the dictatorial regimes in their countries to step down.

This is while people in Saudi Arabia have also called for massive demonstrations to topple the Saudi monarchy.

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