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West Has Own Imperial Agenda in Arab World: British MP

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TEHRAN, March 4 (ICANA)-British Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn believes that there will be all kinds of scenarios being worked out by the West “dressed up as some form of democracy they are going to impose” in Arab states due to the current uprisings.
Friday, March 04, 2011 9:27:26 PM
West Has Own Imperial Agenda in Arab World: British MP

“The whole motive of the West is not about bringing peace and democracy as it has ever been, it is all about exploitation and imperial ambitions,” said Corbyn, who is an officer for Stop the War Coalition (SWTC), Britain’s largest peace group network.

“Peace is achieved not by a more powerful nation coming in and imposing peace and society it wants, but by people achieving their own justice, own democracy, own rights,” he said.

The 61-year-old left-wing politician has been an MP for the London constituency of Islington North since 1983 and in an interview with IRNA, he said that “the power, greed and military might was not something for the principles of this world.”

He described how “very excited” he was about the uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, saying they are “predominately a young peoples’ movement.”

“They are protesting against unemployment and poverty, but also protesting against autocracy and oppression,” said Corbyn, who is also a vice-chair the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Europe’s largest singe issue peace movement.

“There are going to be difficult days, going to be good days, but I see this as equivalent of the pan-Arab movements of the 1950s and the liberation from British French and Italian colonial rule,” he said.

The Labour MP was cautious about the jingoism being expressed by some Western countries in response to the Libyan regime’s violent reaction to opposition rebels.

“I don’t think there is going to be repeat of unilateral action (mounted by the British and Americans) as happened in Iraq,” he said referring to reference made by the UK and the US about being dependent on the UN and the probability of a veto by Russia.

“I wouldn’t say it was off-the-table, Special Forces are certainly not off the table, but I think that immediate military action is very unlikely.”

Corbyn believed that there was also a deliberate attempt to take away attention from Bahrain, where there is not only oil and concern about the royal family, but “because US bases are stationed there.”

He said that STWC had been together for 10 years since the invasion of Afghanistan and that since there had been the Iraq war. “But is the world a safer place, no. Is it more dangerous, yes.”

“I look forward to the day when there is peace, justice and self-respect across the region. The people have turned their backs on autocracy and are looking for a just, equitable and democratic society and they will get it on their own,” he said.

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