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Referendum Result a Turning Point for Wales

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TEHRAN, March 5 (ICANA) – At 9am across Wales, a small country to the West of England, ballot boxes were opened and the counting began for a new era in Welsh politics.
Saturday, March 05, 2011 10:12:22 AM
Referendum Result a Turning Point for Wales

This was a public referendum on whether or not to extend the powers of its parliament.

At present, making laws here is a long and arduous process, which involves discussion with the UK government at Westminster.

A yes vote today would not only give the Welsh government more power, it would make the legislation process more efficient. A no vote however could bring the entire existence of this parliament into question.

The True Wales campaign doesn't want the Welsh parliament to become any more powerful, believing that they've failed the country in the past.

Lunch time shoppers in Cardiff city centre were optimistic for the future of their parliament.

Just six hours after the counting started, the decision was made. Wales decided that it did indeed want a more powerful and efficient government. Even with a turnout of just 35 percent, the government was sure that the decision was right for the country.

Experts believe that, with reforms in Westminister on the horizon, this result was significant for Welsh politics.

In two months time, the regional elections will decide who will represent Wales at its assembly in Cardiff. After today's outcome, whoever ends up in charge will have a wealth of new power in their hands.

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