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Hezbollah: Stop Cooperation with Lebanon Tribunal

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TEHRAN, March 5 (ICANA) – Hezbollah has made its first official response to what it views as additional evidence of the politicization of the special tribunal for Lebanon.
Saturday, March 05, 2011 10:14:48 AM
Hezbollah: Stop Cooperation with Lebanon Tribunal

Head of Hezbollah's parliamentary bloc described the latest requests made by the tribunals' prosecutor Danielle Bellemare as a violation of people's privacy and of the protocol of cooperation signed between the tribunal and Lebanon.

He also weighed in on the fate of future cooperation between the tribunal and Lebanon which still awaits the formation of a new government under premier designate najib Miqati.

Special prosecutor Danielle Bellmare had requested from four Lebanese ministers data and information on Lebanese citizens including phone numbers and finger prints. The requests were rejected by the ministers who questioned the legality of such demands. This development has led to increased speculation about what the future may hold for Lebanon.

This, as premier designate Najib Miqati has questioned the timing of Bellmare's request, with consultations underway now on forming a cabinet.

Self-styled moderate Miqati who has also Hezbollah's support, says some people in the country are trying to put the country under chapter 7 of the UN charter.

Lebanese caretaker prime minister and leading March 14 figure Saad Hariri meanwhile has vowed to remain committed to the special tribunal, and has totally rejected any participation in a government headed by Miqati.

The rivalry in Lebanon has reached its deepest level as the country gears up for some important events. One of these events is expected on March 14 when Hariri's supporters will likely stage a huge rally, and the other is the release of the indictment into the Rafiq Hariri assassination. Such events could further complicate the already tense situation in the country.

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