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Senior MP: West Worried about Libya's Oil Resources, Not People

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TEHRAN, March 7 (ICANA) – The West is mostly worried about Libya's oil wells rather than its people, a senior Iranian legislator said, warning that the western countries are attempting to find control over the country's oil resources.
Monday, March 07, 2011 7:30:56 PM
Senior MP: West Worried about Libya's Oil Resources, Not People

"Today the West is not concerned about the Libyan people, rather it is worried about the country's oil resources and it sends its military forces to the region for this concern," Rapporteur of the parliament's Minority Fraction Daryoush Qanbari told FNA on Monday.

"If the West was honest in its behavior and deeds, it would never have extensive relations with the regional dictators," he said, stressing that the recent moves made by the western countries in support of the Libyan people should only be viewed as political opportunism.

When the West saw people in the region are gathering a deeper political understanding and demand democracy, it was obliged to accompany them contrary to its policies in the past which were in support of the regional dictators, Qanbari explained.

Earlier, an Iranian top military official had also reiterated that the capitalist system is seeking to develop its strategies in the wealthy and Muslim states which possess abundant oil wells and resources.

"The reality is that the US wants to stage a military intervention to find control over Libya's oil wells as it did in Iraq with the Iraqi oil," Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said Saturday.

Firouzabadi also warned the US officials of the fatal consequences and aftermaths of Washington's military intervention in Libya.

"Any kind of US measure and interference in Libya will not only stabilize Islamic Revolutions in the region and further clarify their path and direction, but also cause a severe blow to the US economy and increase their (Americans') debts and budget deficit," Firouzabadi cautioned.

The US has said it is closely monitoring the situation in Libya and is in constant touch with its allies like NATO on possible actions against the Gaddafi regime, as it dispatched two military aircrafts to the region.

The Pentagon, which has dispatched considerable air and naval assets to the region along with 400 marines, said it is closely monitoring the situation in Libya.

Pentagon spokesman Col Dave Lapan said the Pentagon is in constant contact with its other allies, including NATO and Europe.

"We are still with options on the table. The overall operation is called Operation Odyssey Dawn," Lapan said.

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