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Iraqi Kurdistan Budget under Criticism

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TEHRAN, March 9 (ICANA) – Amidst the political protests that have rocked the normally peaceful region of Iraqi Kurdistan, resulting in the deaths of several demonstrators, the Kurdistan Regional Government quietly released its plans for this year's $11 Billion dollar budget.
Wednesday, March 09, 2011 11:05:24 PM
Iraqi Kurdistan Budget under Criticism

Each year's budget in the KRG, has been subject to strong criticism from opposition political blocs for an alleged lack of transparency, and this year's is no different.

Many economists have long criticized the KRG's economic activity.

And this year's budget again has an estimated 65% of the monies paid purely for operational fees. Government figures say this high figure is largely down to the hundreds of thousands of salaries paid to the Military Forces, for border protection and security. Some $170 million is given directly to the annual budgets of the two ruling parties.

However, Members of the governing coalition, say they have complete faith in the new budget.

Without independent auditing of the budget, it is impossible for neutral observers to determine whose analysis is more correct.

Opposition MPs will have every chance in parliament to question and discuss the details of the budget, but with the governing coalition having a clear majority, the budget will most likely pass.

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