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France Hails Moroccan Pledge of Reforms

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TEHRAN, March 11 (ICANA) – France has praised the Moroccan monarch for his pledge of democratic reforms, including a popularly elected prime minister with real powers in the North African country.
Friday, March 11, 2011 12:41:33 PM
France Hails Moroccan Pledge of Reforms

"King Mohammed VI's speech yesterday is responsible and brave," AFP quoted French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero as saying on Thursday.

"We are convinced that is a major speech for Morocco and for the entire region, particularly in the current context."

In a televised address on Wednesday, the 47-year-old Moroccan ruler pledged to draw up a new draft constitution.

"We have decided to undertake a comprehensive constitutional reform," King Mohammed VI said.

He also expressed a "firm commitment to giving a strong impetus to the dynamic and deep reforms... taking place.”

The Moroccan monarch stressed that “the prime minister will be drawn from the political party which leads in the elections in parliament."

"The prime minister will have effective executive power and will be fully responsible for the government, public administration... and implementing the government's program," he said.

The king noted that a commission would work on constitutional revisions, with proposals to be made to him by June. A referendum would then be held.

He also pledged "expanded individual and collective liberties and the reinforcement of human rights in all dimensions" and spoke of the "will to set up an independent judiciary.”

King Mohammad VI's speech was the first since pro-reform protests last month, in which six people were killed.

Meanwhile, opposition Justice and Development Party leader Abdelilah Benkirane has said the Moroccan ruler has "reacted positively to the demands made by the parties and young people."

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