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Jordanian Protesters Call for Reforms

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TEHRAN, March 12 (ICANA) – Hundreds of Jordanians have attended protest rallies in the capital, Amman, and other major cities, demanding sweeping government reforms.
Saturday, March 12, 2011 10:21:09 AM
Jordanian Protesters Call for Reforms

Protesters poured into the streets following the Friday Prayers and called for a constitutional monarchy and a quick dissolution of the country's parliament.

"The people want regime reforms," and "What is acceptable today will not be tomorrow," as well as "We want the dissolution of parliament,” protesters chanted.

Surrounded by a cordon of police, the protesters also called for Jordan's new Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to step down.

"Out, out Bakhit, the turn is yours," the protesters shouted, adding that they would keep up the rallies until their demands are met.

Witnesses say Friday's turnout was not as big as past days, since some of Jordan's top Muslim religious leaders issued a fatwa -- a religious edict -- instructing Jordanians not to take part in protests while the government and opposition parties try to hold talks.

Meanwhile, Jordan's key opposition party, the Islamic Action Front (IAF) has rejected talks with the government, saying the regime does not intend to initiate reforms.

IAF leaders say they want constitutional reforms, and not just amendments to the electoral law and party politics. Inspired by popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, Jordanians have been protesting for weeks, calling for political and economic reform.

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