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Absence of Democratic System, Cause of Saudi Uprising: Lawmaker

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, March 12 (ICANA) – Head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis, referring to the rising protests in Saudi Arabia, said the Saudis are deprived of democracy and this has prepared the ground for the uprising and protests of the people against the ruling regime.
Saturday, March 12, 2011 12:15:33 PM
Absence of Democratic System, Cause of Saudi Uprising: Lawmaker

Alaeddin Boroujerdi told ICANA that Saudi Arabia is another chain in the circle of popular uprisings in the Middle Eastern, adding that due to numerous problems including poverty and lack of freedom, the way has been paved for people’s uprisings in the kingdom.

He further pointed to the change in political structure and release of political prisoners as factors behind people’s uprising and said uprising of the Saudi people was not merely confined to the Shiites. “Demonstrators in Riyadh who were all Sunni, like Shia populated cities, were demanding political reforms and release of political prisoners as the main reasons for their protests, ‘ said the senior lawmaker.

Boroujerdi stressed that the Saudi family had attempted to prevent presence of the people in the protest movement by suppressing demonstrations. But, he emphasized, such suppressions would make people more furious so that protestors would not retreat on their demands.

Pro Democracy protests in Saudi Arabia, a world away from the streets of America, have the US administration nervously working behind the scenes to assist the Saudi government in its crackdown on political dissidents, according to US government sources.

In front of the White House a few protestors calling on the Saudis to respect human rights while inside Obama aides who watched one Middle East government after the next teeter and fall now worry that America's key oil and gas supplier Saudi Arabia could, if pro- democracy forces topple the government and are not kept in check, suffer the same fate.

Worst case scenario, Saudi cuts oil production, gas goes above ten dollars a gallon, inflation skyrockets, and the US economy sinks back into deep depression.

On Wall Street, stocks tumbled on news of the Saudi street protests but recovered a bit after Saudi authorities displayed a large show of force.

The US national Security Council, the State Department, Obama's top Advisors, and US intelligence agencies have all reportedly sprung into action with top alerts about the political crisis in the Kingdom.

The White House which has been outspoken about uprisings in other parts of the region is muting its support for pro-democracy protestors in Saudi Arabia, but privately asking the Saudis to institute reforms quickly to head off a revolution.

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