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Deputy PM to Rally Lib Dems in Sheffield

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TEHRAN, March 12 (ICANA) - Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg told his party members to "hold your nerve" as he will face activists disturbed by falling poll ratings and the by-election failure.
Saturday, March 12, 2011 10:25:44 PM
Deputy PM to Rally Lib Dems in Sheffield

Nick Clegg will rally his party members as they are to participate in the party's spring conference in Sheffield.

It is anticipated that the deputy PM is to stress the Lib Dem's autonomy in Sheffield conference, amid increasing concern over the loss of party's identity in coalition with conservatives.

In an interview before the spring conference in Sheffield, Nick Clegg claimed that he was right in taking the party into coalition and right in government's agenda. On the other hand, what he considered as a wrong deed of the Lib Dem party would have been to "retreat into a corner of perfect purity in opposition but complete impotence, when last year's general election resulted in a hung parliament, rather than taking responsibility and trying to sort out problems.”

"Do I realise this time is difficult? Yes. Do I think the country will get through this difficult phase? Yes. We need to hold our nerve, as a party hold our head up high, I think it is right we went into government and I think we are seeking to do the right things in government.

"Of course it is difficult in the short term... but I firmly believe, actually I believe even more strongly now than I did last May, that it was the right decision to try and sort out these problems for the long term benefit of people in this country," he added.

Lib Dem activists are expected to express their anger against government's NHS plan. They are to criticize Deputy PM over his U-turn on the coalition's plan to increase tuition fees and the cut of a grant to Sheffield Forgemasters.

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