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S. Korea Holds Emergency Parliament Sessions over Japan Quake

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TEHRAN, March 14 (ICANA) – South Korea on Monday convened emergency sessions of four parliamentary committees to discuss how to respond to the impact of the quake and tsunami in neighboring Japan, including the risk of radiation leaks.
Monday, March 14, 2011 12:44:50 PM
S. Korea Holds Emergency Parliament Sessions over Japan Quake

The science committee met to discuss the possible impact on the Korean peninsula from Saturday's explosion of a nuclear reactor in the Fukushima power plant, Reuters reported. As the meeting was taking place in Seoul, a hydrogen explosion rocked the nuclear complex.

Authorities in Japan have been working desperately to avert a meltdown.

South Korea, Japan's closest neighbor, has so far said there was little chance of radiation blowing across its territory. The Fukushima plant lies about 1,000km east of the Korean peninsula.

"Winds are still blowing from west to east," Lee Seung-Haeng, head of radiation safety evaluation department at the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, told Reuters.

"Even if the wind direction changes, we see little direct impact on the Korean peninsula."

Officials in Japan said on Sunday that three nuclear reactors north of Tokyo were at risk of overheating, raising fears of an uncontrolled radiation leak.

Engineers worked desperately to cool the fuel rods in the damaged reactors. If they fail, the containers that house the core could melt, or even explode, releasing radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Three other committees will discuss government plans about aid, the safety of local atomic power plants and measures to minimize the impact of the Japanese quake on local industries, and the impact on the domestic economy.

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