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Iraq MPs Probing Officials Fake Degrees

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TEHRAN, March 14 (ICANA) – Iraq's parliament has launched an investigation into reports claiming thousands of government employees, including top officials, used forged educational certificates to obtain their jobs.
Monday, March 14, 2011 1:14:32 PM
Iraq MPs Probing Officials Fake Degrees

Lawmaker Layla Hassan, a member of an investigatory panel, says that there are reports that some 20,000 people with fake educational certificates are employed in governmental jobs.

"Some of those who have fake education certificates are senior officials in the current and former government," Hassan told the Associated Press on Sunday.

"These people should not be pardoned. Otherwise, others will do the same in the future," she further explained.

Iraq's Higher Education Ministry did not react to the claims as many Iraqis are frustrated with shoddy government services, corruption and high unemployment rate.

“Parliament may not require offenders to return their paychecks if they voluntarily acknowledge getting their government jobs with fake credentials,” she went on to say.

The plagiarists will be put in jail if convicted, the Iraq parliamentarian concluded.

The fake diplomas and certificates are traded from $1,500 to $7,000 in the war country, the report said.

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