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Larijani Warns Regional Leaders against Fury of Their Peoples

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TEHRAN, March 15 (ICANA) – Speaker of the Iranian parliament said that regional monarchs should prevent US form manipulating them, so that, Washington would not be able to sacrifice them for its own goals like what happened to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:21:40 AM
Larijani Warns Regional Leaders against Fury of Their Peoples

Ali Larijani, who was addressing the Iranian parliament’s open session on Tuesday, (March 15, 2011), reflected on regional developments and added that importance of regional upheavals has been made clear after a visit to Bahrain by the US Secretary of Defense, ambiguous positions taken by the European countries, as well as the approach taken to political changes in the region by the United States and other Western countries.

Larijani pointed to remarks of the US Secretary of Defense, adding, “He has voiced his concern about Islamic revolution in the region after which some of the Persian Gulf states announced that they would send troops into Bahrain to defend its ruling system.”

The parliament speaker then stated that this act of invasion has US blessing behind it following regional sojourn of the US Secretary of Defense and regional states are now entitled to announce that the United States will be responsible for any violence and massacre which may take place from now on.

The head of the Iranian Legislature said that some regional states are lackeys that are guided by and perform US commands.

“Such states should brace themselves to face their nations’ reactions because they have betrayed Bahraini nation under such critical circumstances,” he said.

Larijani opined that sending forces into Bahrain may have arisen from concerns held by such states about their own rules, but after complying with the United States’ operational and political maneuvering they will have to face the fury of their own people and this will harm their glass palaces in the future.

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