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KRG Premier Statement Gets Mixed Reactions

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TEHRAN, March 16 (ICANA) – Iraqi Kurdistan Prime Minister's written statement in response to the demands of anti-government protests has sparked mixed reactions in the region.
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:47:19 PM
KRG Premier Statement Gets Mixed Reactions

In his statement, Barham Salah promised action and praised the protesters for their enthusiasm and determination, adding he believed there was no hidden agenda, but that the protesters represent the will of the population. While some found encouragement in his words, others reacted with skepticism.

The list of 37 protester demands called for justice for those killed in the protests and an end to the harassment and detention of peaceful protest participants. Protest organizer Nawzad Baban was arrested on Feb 25 and suffered a heart attack while in custody. He was recently released after being held without charge.

Salah said some of these demands have been met already with those arrested without warrant having been released. He said he has personally spoken with parliament about implementing further steps.

Ruling party spokesman Azid Jondyani said a committee has been set up to deal with protester demands.

The protester demand list further called for a new constitution and the dissolution of party affiliated militia forces, intelligence and espionage agencies and the introduction of strong measures to fight corruption.

The public have voiced little faith in the words of those they say are corrupt leaders. Despite recent government statements, the protesters say they have not yet seen any real action on the part of the government and until they do, the protests will continue.

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