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Iran Lawmakers Support Bahrain Protests

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, March 19 (ICANA) – The National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) has issued a statement in support of the Bahraini people.
Saturday, March 19, 2011 10:33:02 PM
Iran Lawmakers Support Bahrain Protests

“The oppressed people of Bahrain are a part of the Islamic world and the Islamic Republic of Iran feels obligated to support them,” the statement said.

The US is definitely responsible for the murder of Bahrainis by ordering its “regional mercenaries” to invade the country and repress peaceful protesters, the statement added, calling on Saudi Arabia and the UAE to leave Bahrain's soil immediately.

The statement also called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to take serious action on regional developments.

Earlier on Friday, Iran's Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani sent separate letters to president of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUOICM) and the Asian Parliamentary Assembly voicing concern over the current events in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain and calling for holding an extraordinary meeting of both bodies to discuss the issue.

In his letter to PUOICM President Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, the Iranian parliament speaker deplored "the presence of foreign troops in Bahrain to quell the peaceful protests of its Muslim people against the injustices exercised by the ruling apparatus and for demanding a share to decide their own fate."

Larijani stated that according to international conventions, no power is authorized to prevent nations from their absolute right to determine their own destiny. "Any foreign intervention and aggression to suppress the protesters is tantamount to open violation of humanitarian laws and human rights and is considered intervention in internal affairs of others," Larijani stressed.

"The Islamic parliament of Iran as a manifestation of the votes and opinions of the great people of Iran, while condemning any foreign military intervention to suppress the peaceful protests of the Bahraini people, considers these types of willful acts a dangerous innovation and seriously warns that if such military actions are not immediately halted the region would face an uncertain prospect," said part of Larijani's letter to Speaker Sekandi of Uganda.

 It added: "We consider the military aggression against Bahrain which occurred after the US Secretary of Defense's visit and with Washington's green light a serious threat to regional and global peace and security and warn the aggressors to learn lessons from the outcomes of the US military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan and stop this bloody adventurism at once."

On behalf of the Iranian parliament, Larijani urged responsible international institutions, particularly the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court "not to sit idle anymore and take immediate action in preventing the outrageous military intervention in the internal affairs of Bahraini people."

In conclusion, Larijani stated: "Iran's Islamic parliament, as the founder of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States calls upon Your Excellency that in view of the breach of the goals and principles cited in the constitution of PUOICM negating any violence and resorting to Islamic principles to settle Muslims' issues through peaceful means, an extraordinary PUOICM conference be held within the shortest time possible to discuss the events in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen."

In another letter to Mahmoud al-Abrash, president of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, Larijani condemned the "inhuman crimes in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen."

As a founder of APA, he said, Iran wants an extraordinary conference be held otherwise an emergency meeting of APA Troika be convened to discuss aid to the quake hit people of Japan and ways to put an end to the crimes being committed in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

More than 12 people have been killed and about 1,000 others have been injured during anti-government protests which started in Bahrain on February 14.

Bahraini protesters have been demanding the ouster of the Al Khalifa monarchy and constitutional reforms.

To help the Bahraini regime crush the anti-government protests, Saudi Arabia has deployed more than 1,000 troops to the country at the request of Manama.

In a similar move, the UAE has dispatched around 500 police forces to the oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchy.

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