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US Judge Orders New WI Law Blocked

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TEHRAN, March 19 (ICANA) – A US judge has issued an order to temporarily block the bill recently passed by Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker, which is set to limit the power of trade unions.
Saturday, March 19, 2011 11:08:34 PM
US Judge Orders New WI Law Blocked

Dane County Court Judge Maryann Sumi has issued a restraining order blocking Walker's bill before it takes effect next month, the state funded BBC reported.

Attorney Ismael Ozanne has also filed a lawsuit against the legislative committee, who failed to follow through with the state's open meetings law, which requires a 24-hour notice before the passing of the bill.

This could mean that Wisconsin legislature may be obligated to vote for the bill again.

Wisconsin's 14 Democratic Senators had left the state on February 17 in order to prevent the vote from going through, but Walker and his fellow Republican members signed it into law without the state's Democrats.

The legislation strips most of the state's 300,000 public employees of their right to bargain over health coverage, wage increases, pensions and other benefits.

Tens of thousands of protesters have staged nationwide demonstrations against the bill, which they maintain is aimed to undermine the country's working class and weaken the Democrats.

Scott Walker has said that the bill is a part of a plan to help the state tackle its budget deficit.

His two-year budget plan would reduce the state government expenditures for schools and local governments in a move to rein in a $137 million budget deficit, and a projected $3.6 billion budget shortfall over the next two years.

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