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Labour to Fight Election on Five Key Pledges

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TEHRAN, March 21 (ICANA) – The Scottish Labour Party is to fight the Scottish Parliament election on five key themes.
Monday, March 21, 2011 3:30:28 PM
Labour to Fight Election on Five Key Pledges

Delegates to its spring conference in Glasgow were given a pledge card listing its aims on employment, crime health, education and council tax.

It says a Labour Government would guarantee apprenticeships for young people and give people unemployed for six months the chance of a job, freeze council tax for two years, halve cancer waiting times and end the postcode lottery for the care of the elderly.

According to heraldscorland.com, the cards also says Labour will ensure criminals who carry a knife go to jail, that victims will be put first, literacy teachers will be put in classrooms and there will be “no price tag” on university education.

Half a million of the cards will be distributed during the campaign, and a party spokesman said their research had shown that these were key issues and in these “serious times” were what concerned people rather than the SNP’s “irrelevant” plans for an independence referendum.

In his speech, party leader Iain Gray pledged to end the automatic early release of prisoners and promised a “radical, reforming agenda” if he was First Minister.

He accused SNP leader Alex Salmond of failing to address the issues of most importance such as jobs, education and housing.

He told delegates: “It is today, as it has always been, Labour who will stand up for the working peopled in this time of recession, in this time of cuts and in this time of the Tories.

“We will not see a generation lost to Tory ideology and SNP incompetence.”

Justice spokesman Richard Baker said he would give mandatory sentences to anyone carrying a knife, a measure he claimed would be cost neutral because of its deterrent effect.


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