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Opposition Leaders Slam US Support for Bahrain Invasion

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TEHRAN, March 22 (ICANA) – As Saudi troops spent the weekend in Manama, Bahraini opposition leaders met with the parliamentary human rights committee in London. Their dismay at their cause was going unnoticed was clear.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 12:46:04 PM
Opposition Leaders Slam US Support for Bahrain Invasion

To pictures of battered and bullet ridden bodies, speakers told of how peaceful civilians were being targeted by militia and how medical staff are unable to leave the now government-controlled hospitals. If they try to leave, they are threatened with beatings.

Dr Saeed Shehabi, the leader of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, says that discussion with the government over the intervention of the Saudi troops hasn't been possible.

Joining politicians were those who had experienced the violence in Bahrain first hand.

Once again there was anger at the double standards of western governments, particularly after the announcement of a no fly zone in Libya. The Bahraini opposition are unhappy that the US is supporting their country's leaders, whilst at the same time western nations were fighting an air war against Colonel Gaddafi.

What was conveyed here was a sense of desperation. These Bahraini people want far more support, and for action to be taken against those committing torturous acts against people in their home country.

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