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British MPs Endorse Libya No-Fly Zone

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TEHRAN, March 22 (ICANA) – In London, opposition leaders have made their support for the government's stance clear. And, as expected, a parliamentary vote on military action was passed with a strong majority.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 12:48:32 PM
British MPs Endorse Libya No-Fly Zone

But there are some reservations, and the opposition wants assurances from the Prime Minister that troops will not be deployed on the ground. The UN resolution on military reaction remains vague on this.

And there's confusion over whether or not Gaddafi himself can be a target. British government ministers say he could be, the British military says he isn't.

The public meanwhile remain divided on the issue, although opinion polls suggest that for the moment the majority support the no-fly zone.

Here in West London, despite the polls, most of the people we spoke to were against British involvement in military action.

And, as with Iraq and Afghanistan, public and political support for war is likely to fade the more Britain gets involved, and the longer the conflict goes on.

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