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MP: Obama Depicting Wrong Image of Iran

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TEHRAN, March 22 (ICANA) - An Iranian lawmaker says US President Barack Obama's Nowruz message intended to depict a wrong image of the political atmosphere in Iran.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 8:23:34 PM
MP: Obama Depicting Wrong Image of Iran

“Obama tried to depict the political atmosphere in the Islamic Republic of Iran as tense, although the majority of Iranians have repeatedly come to the scene to support the macro policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They (Iranians) have made their point clear but US officials apparently do not intend to realize it,” Zohreh Elahian, Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iranian Parliament (Majlis), told Fars news agency, reacting to Obama's Nowruz message.

Elahian pointed out that the United States is trying to turn a blind eye to the will of the Iranian nation and instead support a number of seditionist elements that in no way represent the Iranian nation.

She further explained that Obama's message reflected Washington's deep concern that the regional uprisings may follow along a similar path taken by Iran 32 years ago, leading to the victory of the Islamic Revolution that ended a dominating US influence in the country and the region.

“As repeatedly indicated by officials of Western countries and the Zionist regime (Israel), they are increasingly concerned that the regional developments, inspired by the Iranian nation's revolution, may lead to the victory of Muslims and Islamic groups,” she noted.

Elahian went on to say that the US is trying to project a democratic image by supporting regional countries on the surface, but the fact is that it has long supported despotic regimes in the region.

In his message to the Iranian nation on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Obama criticized the Iranian government for what he called “a campaign of intimidation and abuse” following the June 2009 presidential election.

In a major address on Monday, Iran's Leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei mocked Obama's comparison of huge anti-government rallies at Cairo's Al-tahrir (liberation) square and the massive pro-government rally at Iran's Azadi (freedom) square on February 11, marking the 32nd anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution, saying, "Yes, every year Iranians gather at [Tehran's] Azadi Square on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and their main slogan has remained 'death to America'," commonly referring to the US government.

The Leader then went on to add, "We don't know whether the current US president is mindful of what he is uttering, or if he is unconscious and confused."

"The real hypocrite is the US. With regards to Egypt they said we are with the [Egyptian] nation but they lied. They cooperated with the nation's enemy until the very last moment. They said the same thing about Tunis, that we support the people. Now the US president sends a message to the Iranian people that we support you," the Leader said, referring to Obama's Nowruz message to the Iranian people.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that the American claim of supporting nations has always been a deception and not only they exercise no mercy on people of (our) region, they don't even show pity for their own people, since at the time of the US economic crisis, the current American president poured thousands of billions of dollars of American people's money into the coffers of arms-making and oil corporations.

Obama also claimed that the Iranian government has demonstrated that it cares far more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of the Iranian people.

The US chief executive also said that “the future of Iran belongs to the young” and reiterated that he would stand by the Iranian youth in determining their future.


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