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Egyptians Vote in Favor of Constitutional Amendments

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TEHRAN, March 23 (ICANA) – Egyptian voters strongly supported the proposed constitutional amendments.
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 1:49:55 PM
Egyptians Vote in Favor of Constitutional Amendments

According to the supreme electoral commission, 77.2 percent of voters, that is 14 million, backed the new constitution while 22.8 percent or around 4 million said "No" to the amendments. But what's the general mood, and what are the challenges ahead?

45 million were eligible to vote, and about 18.5 million of those turned out to cast their ballots, a very strong turnout compared to figures under Mubarak's regime. Under his rule, most Egyptians believed election results were determined in advance, so turnout was very low. Waleed Shalaby a member of the MB told Press TV that the results of the referendum are a cause for celebration.

Meanwhile, officials have said that although the turnout is relatively high, around 10 million eligible voters living aboard were not able to vote.

The developments come weeks after Mubarak handed over power to Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The sight of Egyptians coming forward in huge numbers to peacefully exercise their newly-won freedoms is a cause for great optimism as the country prepares for its next steps, that is, parliamentary and presidential elections in the near future.

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