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Pakistani Legislator Flays US Contradictory Policies

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TEHRAN, March 23 (ICANA) – Pakistani Member of Parliament here on Tuesday strongly criticized US policy of supporting dictators and advised the Obama administration not to interfere with the affairs of independent states.
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 7:49:22 PM
Pakistani Legislator Flays US Contradictory Policies

Speaking to IRNA, Senator Prof Sajid Mir of Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith Pakistan said that US has always supported the despotic rulers for their own selfish interests.

The law maker also agreed with the statement of Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast who had advised US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reconsider Washington's contradictory policies in supporting dictators and pretending to defend the people's rights.

“The US criticizes the policies of independent and influential regional states including Iran to escape its political deadlock,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman further said.

Prof Sajid Mir commenting over the remarks of Iranian official said that US has been following double standard policy in world politics.

He noted that in many countries of the world they (Americans) are supporting dictators and monarchs for their own interests. “Sometimes they support dictators out of the way”, he stated.

“Their support for democracy has become a joke”, added the Senator.

The political leader opined that US might be enjoying support from despotic rulers of some Muslim states but the public of these countries is against American policies.

“They (US) are losing sympathies of public”, he noted.

He regretted that rulers of many Muslim countries have become tools in the hands of US and are forwarding the American agenda in their countries to prolong their illegitimate rules.

Prof Sajid Mir, expressing his views over the situation of Bahrain and Libya, said that no country in the world has a right to interfere with the internal affairs of these countries.

Earlier US Secretary of State had warned Iran “to stop meddling in affairs of Bahrain and other Arab states in the Persian Gulf.”

“There are many contradictions and confusions in US foreign policies, and they find themselves convicted by world public opinion because of their longtime support for dictators and their participation in suppression,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman while responding to Clinton’s remarks.

“Hillary Clinton should do something about the rage and hatred of the nations from the US policies,” he added.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also blamed the US for the foreign military invasion of Bahrain, describing it as an attempt to save Israel.

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