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'US Not in Control of Its Foreign Policy'

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TEHRAN, March 24 (ICANA) – Concerns continue to grow about the US double standards in its foreign policy highlighted by its inconsistent approaches towards Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen.
Thursday, March 24, 2011 1:35:46 PM
'US Not in Control of Its Foreign Policy'

Press TV talks with Jeff Gates, Attorney and author of Guiltby Association in Phoenix about the total unraveling of US foreign policy as a result of its perceived commitment responsibilities to the aggressions of Israel in the Middle East.

Q: President Saleh of Yemen has warned of a civil war. Some observers say this remark is addressed to the West with Saleh saying that his departure would result in a failed state. What is your take on this?

Gates: I am suspicious and it's hard to be supportive of an autocratic regime so you want to support forces that are trying to remove those off the stage. At the same time you recall the British Minister, Lord Cromer used to say, “We do not govern Egypt we govern the governors of Egypt”. So I wonder who really is behind this; who will emerge in the background.

The region is destabilized you can see the price of oil spiking and I wonder if this is just a chessboard game being played out. And I'm particularly intrigued at Saif Gaddafi who conceded that he financed a large part of President Sarkozy's campaign in France.

And I know that 18 months ago his son Saif Gaddafi was outside London with Lord Rothchild, (Baron) Peter Mandelson who is the best known Zionist in the Parliament and Oleg Deripaska the Zionist Russian who at age 40 was worth 40 billion dollars is part of the Russian Jewish mafia.

So I've been trying to look into the background and get a more historical context on this and see what really may be playing out. I think we don't yet know, but I'm disturbed frankly by part of it.

Q: The US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that the crisis in Yemen is shifting attention from the fight against al Qaeda - Why do you think the US is reminding us of what a good friend Saleh has been in the fight against terrorism when the same man is terrorizing his own people?

Gates: There seems to be a common theme being generated of 'here go the Americans killing Muslims again'. Who is advancing this agenda of the clash of civilizations? This is very much advancing an issue pushing American imperialism and I don't think that's truly the case.

The facts are that we (the US) long ago lost control of our foreign policy. We were warned about this in the late 1940s when our Joint Chiefs of Staff and Harry Truman said “Do not recognize this enclave of fanatics (Zionist Israel), as he called them, in the eastern Mediterranean as a legitimate nation state because they will draw us into serial conflicts. They seek dominance in the region and they will use our military to seek that dominance”.

We were drawn into Iraq on absolutely false intelligence. The no-fly zone in Iraq was established by Paul Wolfowitz from the same Zionist enclave so they are happy to see these events unfolding.

So I think you have to pull back the curtain and put this in historic context for fear that we may take the joy of the moment of throwing off an autocratic ruler and miss what's really playing out in the background.

If you look at the historic forces at work here, it's not as encouraging as some people would have you believe.

Q: Right now Mr. Gates - How critical is Yemen's alliance with the US? Because we know there is a strong alliance especially in the so-called fight against terrorism...

Gates: Again, the US is aligned with this fanatic enclave we know as Israel to operate and it's that alliance which is really most troubling and we have been pulled into other alliances into that region in part due to that initial alliance.

We were warned against it, but we did it anyway. George Marshall who was Truman's secretary of state said, “If you recognize this enclave I'm going to vote against you,” and he wrote memo to that affect.

These forces have been playing out for decades in the region. The initial land grab in 1967 set off the dynamics of provocation that are now playing themselves out in the region. It drew us into Iraq. It drew us into Afghanistan. Now we're in Yemen. We have a no-fly zone in Iraq and now we have one in Libya. So I am suspicious of the forces that have manipulated us. Our state department since long ago has been dominated by Zionists both Christian and Jewish within the US and it's well known.

I know you want to support the Yemenis forces, but we need to look at the broader dynamics that are playing themselves out.

Q:When we are speaking about the US stance in the region, it is obvious that the stance on Bahrain and Yemen is very much different from the stance that has been taken toward Libya - the North African countries and then toward countries in the Middle East that are very close to Saudi Arabia. Would you say this is a double standard and hypocritical from the side of the US?

Gates: This is the challenge of separating US policy from those in the state department who took us to war on false intelligence into Iraq. We put in a no-fly zone in Northern Iraq and by the time we invaded in March 2003 there had been 100 Mossad operatives active in Mosul for a decade at that point. So if we look more deeply into this we are going to find there is something more going on here than is yet apparent.

But what is apparent is that the US now looks guilty by association. And that is now a theme of those who in effect have been waging war on the US from inside the US by pretending to be our allies and dispatching our military to serve an agenda that most Americans have no idea that they are being manipulated to serve.

The facts point to that very clearly and it's disturbing to me as an American to find this out. Most Americans don't know about this because they can't access how this sort of trans-generational syndicate operates in plain sight to displace facts with what can be induced to believe such as a belief there were WMDs in Iraq. The facts point to that common source (Israeli involvement) and I think once we pull back the covers we will find those forces at work.

Q: But is it not American making these decisions and making these moves?

Gates: Hillary Clinton is the one who persuaded Barack Obama to make this change. She was advised by Samantha Powers and Susan Rice. They overruled Robert Gates and our Head of counter terrorism and our joint chiefs.

This is the challenge. When people are in an oppressive situation and they want to be out from under it that's all well and good, but if you look at the dynamics and who is really favored by this (uprising) and who will be disfavored by it; and in large part it's going to be US as indicated clearly by other analysts and this is why I called it before guilt by association.

Our deception and self-deceit took America to war. And those forces are still very active inside our state department and our foreign policy.

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