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UK Govt's 2nd Budget Offers No Relief

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TEHRAN, March 25 (ICANA) – The UK government deepens previously announced cuts in public spending after the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his second budget to the parliament.
Friday, March 25, 2011 12:12:55 PM
UK Govt's 2nd Budget Offers No Relief

Multi-millionaire Chancellor George Osborne shamelessly pursued his rampage against communities and ordinary workers, reaffirming claims that he was not after easing the pain for the country's increasingly pinched middle class, British media reported.

The budget Osborne presented on Wednesday offered huge tax concessions to cash-rich private firm, while annihilating vital public services with his vicious spending cuts agenda.

Osborne told Parliament on Wednesday that the country's corporate tax would be cut to 23 percent by 2014 from 28 percent currently.

“Let it be heard clearly around the world-from Shanghai to Seattle and from Stuttgart to Sao Paolo-Britain is open for business,” the chancellor shouted as he announced the changes in his annual budget to lawmakers.

However, trade unions and political activists called on the public to turn out hugely for anti-cuts protests on Saturday, March 26 to rock the “government of multi-millionaires”.

"This is a class war Budget with its roots deep in the playing fields of Eton", said Bob Crow general secretary of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union.

Crow urged people to come out in their hundreds of thousands on Saturday to "wipe the smirk off the faces of this government of millionaire public schoolboys."

Opposition Labour MP John McDonnell accused the Chancellor of “sleepwalking into a deflationary spiral”.

"The action now moves to the streets and Saturday's mass demonstration", said McDonnell, who is parliamentary convener of the Trade Union Coordinating Group linking 10 unions.

The Chancellor, however, failed to address the issue of cuts, which will devastate communities and throw hundreds of thousands more people out of work.

He admitted that prices would possibly soar by up to 5 percent this year - resulting in yet more cuts in the value of workers' wages.

Communist Party general secretary Rob Griffiths said: "Today we have heard the voice of the millionaires and on Saturday we will hear the voice of the millions."

Griffiths said the TUC demo in London would mark a major step in developing "a huge mass movement to defend jobs, public services and local communities."

"George Osborne had better cancel his yachting holiday and prepare for an almighty battle to decide in whose interests Britain is run - for his millionaire pals in the City or for the millions of working people and their families", he added.

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