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4,500 UK Police Line the Route of Protest

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TEHRAN, March 26 (ICANA) – About 4,500 police have begun their massive operation, as hundreds of thousands of protesters have started protesting at the public spending cuts in London streets.
Saturday, March 26, 2011 10:20:55 PM
4,500 UK Police Line the Route of Protest

Scotland Yard police announced that they are to exert full control over the protest, in order to avoid violence that marked tuition fee demonstrations last year.

However, they also warned that they would use kettling if necessary, although the Parliament's Joint Human Rights Committee had previously urged the police not to use the tactic against people.

London police warned that the march would be hijacked by anarchists and anti-capitalist groups who are intending to make trouble. The police asked the shops and businesses by the side of the route to make sure the doors are locked and their CCTV cameras are functioning.

The UK Uncut group, on the other hand, revealed that it would target the banks and shops in Oxford Street, planning a "mass occupation of a top-secret target." Other groups claimed they would stop traffic with "flash mobs."

Andy Hayman, the former Assistant Commissioner of the Met, said, "There is strong intelligence extremist groups are planning illegal acts of violence...with the sole aim of disrupting a well-intended peaceful protest."

Writing for the Policy Exchange think-tank, he said, "Unless the police become more proactive in disrupting the activists before the event, it will be impossible to ever stage a protest without it being infiltrated by extremist groups."

The Metropolitan Police has allowed the observers from human rights group Liberty to enter its control room to observe the march.

The Commander of Metropolitan Police, Bob Broadhurst, expressed optimism about a peaceful protest in the streets of London, but he added, "We might end up in some form of containment. We would hope we can keep that for as few people as possible and for as little time as possible."

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