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Tunisia Judges Call for Judicial Independence

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TEHRAN, March 27 (ICANA) – Saturday marked the announcement of the 'National Day of Judicial Independence' by the Judges and lawyers of Tunis.
Sunday, March 27, 2011 10:35:45 AM
Tunisia Judges Call for Judicial Independence

The judicial system had suffered under Ben Ali's authoritarian regime over the past 23 years. The regime used the judiciary to its own advantage as the Ministry of Justice had a tight grip on the judiciary. Many judges were subject to a great deal of pressure, even over cases not considered criminal.

Now Judges and lawyers gathered here at the Palace of Justice to speak out against the old regime and for a genuine overhaul of the judicial system, so that it can operate independently from the parliament.

Members of various political parties were also present at the gathering in the palace. They spoke out, among other demands, in support of an independent judicial system.

Judges and lawyers who were present then marched towards the prime minister's office to voice their grievances. One judge spoke to us about their demands.

There is a clear message here, greater institutional independence in turn brings greater independence for the Tunisian people.

Post-revolution Tunisia is at a crucial point in its constitutional development. There are obstacles and difficulties, but there has also been good progress. In fact, the commission tasked with establishing the new political system is set to nearly double in size following complaints that it was not fully representative.

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