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Bulgarians Call for Government to Resign

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TEHRAN, March 27 (ICANA) – “A red card for the cabinet”; this was the slogan of the biggest opposition party in Bulgaria - the “red” socialists - who staged a protest against the rightist Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
Sunday, March 27, 2011 10:39:16 AM
Bulgarians Call for Government to Resign

“GERB stands for “Citizens for European development of Bulgaria”, and there is nothing European about this rule - let alone development”, the ex-premier and leader of the socialists Sergey Stanishev said.

“Instead, we see increase in crime and corruption, high unemployment and total impoverishment”, he added in front of some 16 thousand Bulgarians who packed into the central Alexander Batenberg Square near the headquarters of the Government, Parliament and President.

Teachers and students who get 0.2 percent of the national budget with their European colleagues acquiring at least 2% of GDP… Medical workers who suffer from what Eurostat has named “the weakest healthcare system in the EU that leads to the highest death toll per capita”… Unemployed people whose number has risen to over 10% and a great deal of Bulgarians with monthly salaries of 250 euro or 8 times below the EU average… They all called this “the spring of our discontent”.

Over the past 2 years that the right-wing party has been in power, the Bulgarian capital Sofia has been the focal point of sporadic protests - of academics, doctors, pensioners, policemen, even film-makers. But this is the first major protest against the ruling party.

Protesters vowed to continue their fight until they see some real changes.

It's not only the young. This old lady also joins the calls for change. She tells us she is so poor that she eats only old pieces of bread and barely survives day by day.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov chose to ignore these dramatic words and actions of protest, and instead - visited the town of Varna. There he was a guest to a ceremony for launching new buses in the public transport system.

His critics said this proves the premier has no sense of reality and is out of touch with the people's real problems. He, however, expressed full confidence in his policies and said there will be no real alternative, should he step down. Borisov was also reported as saying his government is conducting a “socially responsible policy and always acts in the people's best interest”.

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