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Lebanon Druze Leader Clarifies Policies amid National Conflicts

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TEHRAN, March 27 (ICANA) – Seen by many as a man of his time, Druze leader Walid Jumblat has explained the policies of his progressive socialist party in light of regional and domestic conflicts.
Sunday, March 27, 2011 10:04:46 PM
Lebanon Druze Leader Clarifies Policies amid National Conflicts

Over 700 members of the progressive socialist party led by Jumblat gathered for an annual general committee meeting. The statement included a historical definition of the party's allegiance as being not detached from the Arab world, yet free from the previous internal Lebanese polarization between the 14th and 8th of March groups.

This meeting comes at a time when Prime minister designate Najib Mikati has still not finalized the formation of a new government which the march 14th has refused to join. They have however begun an antagonistic campaign against the arms of the resistance movement Hezbollah.

Jumblat refused to comment on government formation, but merely stressed the need for dialogue:

The final declaration said it all. No internal strife will be tolerated, yet the party believes resolving differences over Hezbollah's arms can be done only through a national strategy of defense:

Jumblat and Hezbollah held a reconciliation meeting in august of 2009. Jumblat also reconciled with Bashar Assad after some five years of dispute while he was part of the March 14th alliance which had accused Syria of the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Since then, Jumblat had moved closer to what is viewed as the resistance bloc, thereby tipping the balance in favor of a new parliamentary majority in the country.

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