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Majlis: UNHRC a Tool in the Hands of Big Powers

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, March 28 (ICANA) – The National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) says the United Nations Human Rights Council is just a tool in the hands of the big powers.
Monday, March 28, 2011 10:13:37 PM
Majlis: UNHRC a Tool in the Hands of Big Powers

In a statement issued in response to a resolution adopted by the UNHRC against Iran on Thursday, the Iranian parliamentary body said the UNHRC was a political council and not competent to deal with human rights issues in other countries. It said the UN council was a tool in the hands of the arrogant powers and behind the scene deals of its members.

The statement issued by the Iranian legislative body said the UNHRC resolution against Iran came at a time that countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain which – in violation of all international standards and human rights principles – are killing their own people, are members of the same council.

It said the resolution issued by the Human Rights Council against Iran has been sponsored by the United States and "lacks legal value."

Instead of adopting such resolutions, the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis urged the UNHRC to take up the massacre of the innocent people in Yemen and Bahrain as a priority issue.

"The UN Human Rights Council had better condemn the United States for its tortures at Guantanamo and its secret detentions houses in Europe and respect and support the real rights of human beings," the Majlis statement concluded.

Under the US pressure, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Thursday voted for the appointment of a special human rights rapporteur for the Islamic Republic. The motion was approved with 22 votes in favor, seven against, including China, Russia and Cuba, and 14 abstentions.

Earlier this Month, the council, in a report, reviewed the United States' human rights record for the first time in its history. The council then issued a document making 228 suggestions to the US to improve its rights record.

In recent years, many human rights organizations have condemned the US over wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and its treatment of prisoners in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison and the Abu Ghraib jail near Baghdad.

Police brutality towards African Americans, Latinos and undocumented migrants were also a cause for scrutiny and concern in the report.

In addition, Arabs, Muslims and South Asians were said to be the targets of racial profiling. The US government has reportedly been monitoring private communications of individuals within and outside of the country without judicial oversight, infringing upon people's rights to privacy.

The decision by the UN body marks the first time since the Geneva-based council's creation in 2006 that a new position for a country-specific investigator was created for a UN member, rather than merely extending the mandate of a previously existing one.

An outside expert is to be appointed to the new position when the council next meets in June.

The White House welcomed the move, with President Barack Obama's national security adviser, Tom Donilon saying it is "a historic milestone that reaffirms the global consensus and alarm about the dismal state of human rights in Iran."

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said there has been "an unacceptable deterioration" in human rights in Iran and the new U.N. investigator could "provide encouragement to the many Iranians who bravely continue to speak up for their rights and the rights of others."

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