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US Intervenes in Libyan Civil War: Lawyer

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TEHRAN, March 29 (ICANA) – Invasion of Libya is a violation of international laws because the US-led forces are intervening and taking sides in the country's civil war, an international lawyer says.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 11:22:35 AM
US Intervenes in Libyan Civil War: Lawyer

“It is illegal under the American constitution and it is illegitimate under the UN charter,” Franklin Lamb told Press TV.

“It looks like we have joined one side and joining one side is a direct violation of article 27 of the UN charter that says that the UN cannot intervene and interfere in the internal affairs and politics of a country,” he argued.

Lamb went on to say that if the US-led forces have achieved a no-fly zone and Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi is not using aircraft against the people of his country, then “They have got to get out of there tomorrow.”

He also pointed to US President Barack Obama's illegal action in going ahead with engaging America in the Libyan war without obtaining Congress approval.

“The US constitution gives Congress and only Congress the power to declare war. Congress was not considered in this case,” lamb noted.

In his latest remarks on Tuesday, Obama said Washington will help implement a civilian government in Libya after a possible fall of Gaddafi's regime.

Speaking at National Defense University in Washington DC, Obama defended the US-led strikes on Libya, but failed to give any estimation as to when the so-called conflict may end.

American officials claim that although the coalition warplanes have carried out 983 missions over crisis-hit Libya, not one civilian has been killed, despite reports that over 100 civilians have been killed by NATO bombardment alone.

Meanwhile, Libyan troops have also killed thousands of civilians since the revolution started against Colonel Gaddafi in mid-February.

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