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London Conference Plots Libya without Gaddafi

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TEHRAN, Mar 29 (ICANA) – Foreign Secretary William Hague met Mahmoud Jabril, special envoy for Libya’s interim transitional national council (ITNC), ahead of a conference in London Tuesday seeking to create a political process for the country’s future without Muammar Gaddafi.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:19:15 PM
London Conference Plots Libya without Gaddafi

“The ITNC is an important and legitimate political interlocutor and the UK is committed to strengthening our contacts with a wide range of members of the Libyan opposition who are working to create a Libya where the legitimate aspirations of its people can be met,” Hague said.

He said he discussed the current political and humanitarian situation in Libya with Jabril and considered how best the UK as well as other attendees at the conference, which includes no Libyan representatives, can “best support the Libyan people.”

But speaking on BBC radio, Hague repeated the claim made by both US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron that the military action was 'not involved in regime change'

'We would like him [Gaddafi] to go but militarily what we're involved in is the [UN] resolution. We will stick strictly to the [UN] resolution,' he said, adding it was “for the people of Libya to determine their future.'

Jabril, who was not listed as attending the conference, obtained postgraduate degrees and a PhD at Pittsburgh University and according to a leaked diplomatic cable from November 2009, US ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz in November 2009, described him as 'a serious interlocutor who 'gets' the US perspective'.

In a statement, the British Foreign Office said that the interim council were the “legitimate political partner and who alongside civil society leaders could help to begin a national political dialogue, leading to a representative process of transition, constitutional reform and preparation for free and fair elections.”

Despite denial of regime change, Cameron together with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who have been the main proponents for military intervention, issued a joint statement calling for a “new beginning in Libya.”

Referring back to an Arab League resolution that the current Libyan regime has completely lost its legitimacy, the joint statement said “Qadhafi must therefore go immediately” and called on his followers to leave him and all to take the initiative now to organize a transition process.

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