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Iran Lawmaker Proposes 'Independent Front' to Counter London's 'Crimes'

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Mar 29 (ICANA) – A senior Iranian lawmaker has called for creation of a global "independent front" to deal with crimes committed by the London government.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:31:01 PM
Iran Lawmaker Proposes 'Independent Front' to Counter London's 'Crimes'

Kazem Jalali Tuesday strongly condemned the "brutal" crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in London on Saturday and arrest of dozens of protesters by the British police.

"The way the British police treated the protesters was very violent and contrary to Britain's human rights postures," rapporteur of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission stated.

Noting that the Metropolitan Police is one of the most atrocious forces in the world, the lawmaker said: "Brutal behavior towards regime opponents is one of the tactics used by the Western countries in open violation of their human rights slogans and their hollow claims of respect for Islamic values." He added that London had a black human rights record and would resort to any type of violence to stay in power.

The senior MP also accused Britain of being directly involved in the massacre of innocent people in Gaza, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain. "I don't believe the British maintain no military presence in the region as they are a US accomplice in the crimes being committed in the region," Jalali asserted.

He said Washington received its main policy directions to commit crimes in the region from London and the British people have every right to oppose London's "very wrong" policies.

Police deployed 4,500 officers on the streets of central London on Saturday to deal with the largely peaceful demonstrations, which organizers said were attended by up to 500,000 people.

British campaign group South London Solidarity Federation has condemned the violent tactics used by the police to tackle the massive anti-cuts demonstrations held on Saturday.

Spokesman for the group John Green hit out at the police treatment of the London rallies as “violent without any sense of proportion.”

"We have witnessed police brutally launch into demonstrators without any restraint. This is not an aberration but a continuation of their behavior on other recent demonstrations," Green said.

The police arrested 201 people in the violent incidents which left 84 people, among them 31 officers, injured. At least five people have lodged complaints with Scotland Yard about police violence against marchers.

In related news, the British government has announced controversial plans to ban protestors from taking part in public gatherings following the weekend anti-cuts rallies.

Based on a proposal by Home Secretary Theresa May, the police may be given new powers to prevent so-called hooligans from attending rallies and marches while officers will also be authorized to force demonstrators, who do not want to be known, to remove their face-scarves and balaclavas.

The announcement has raised concerns among MPs who say no hasty decision should be made on the issue as the police may abuse the “stop and search” powers to target ordinary people rather than “known hooligans”.

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