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Muslims Warn Obama of Prosecution

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TEHRAN, March 31 (ICANA) – The Union of Islamic Students Associations in Europe has warned US President Barack Obama of prosecution by the world's oppressed nations over Washington's support for authoritarian regimes.
Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:51:40 AM
Muslims Warn Obama of Prosecution

“Unless there is fundamental change [in US policies], you will soon be brought to justice at an international court of law by the very nations you have tyrannized over,” the Muslim students cautioned Obama in an open letter.

The students called on the US chief executive to assume responsibility for the US government's violations and make up for its crimes in an immediate and honest manner, ISNA reported on Wednesday.

“You have long been trialed in the world's public opinion and [now] witness the outcome in the world nations' hatred towards you,” the letter said.

It also made a reference to the US support for dictatorial regimes across the Middle East and the Arab World, pointing out “If it was not for your covert and overt support for them (autocratic regimes), they would sure have been toppled by their people much sooner.”

The students pointed to some cases of US intervention in Iran, including, the 1953 coup against the democratic government of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq, backing the former dictatorial regime of Shah, freezing of Tehran's assets and supporting terrorist groups such as the Mujahidin Khalq Organization (MKO) and Jundallah as examples of the US aggressive policies against Iran.

The letter has been written amid the recent wave of revolutions and anti-government uprisings sweeping the Arab world.

Since January, Tunisia and Egypt have been hit by popular revolutions.

Other revolutions and anti-government protests have also flourished in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan and Oman and other Arab countries are expected to witness similar popular revolts.

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