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Russian Protesters Demand Freedom of Assembly

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, April 1 (ICANA) – No to KBG power, chant the opposition activists holding a mask of Putin. Up to a thousand protesters gathered on Pushkin Square to demand free assembly and fair elections, which are guaranteed by the constitution.
Friday, April 01, 2011 12:31:07 PM
Russian Protesters Demand Freedom of Assembly

The demonstrators criticised the government's policies.

They spoke about corruption, media censorship and abuse of power by the police.

For the past two years, activists have rallied in support of the 31st article of the constitution which guarantees freedom of assembly.

But they say this is the last protest under this slogan.

The main idea from now on will be free elections.

The activists are set to protest every month in the run-up to the parliamentary elections this year and presidential elections next year.

A recent Levada Center poll shows the Russians' attitude to the authorities and the ruling party has worsened.

42 percent of respondents have a feeling the country has taken a wrong path.

Only 23 percent believe in the government success, down from 30 percent last year.

But still, two thirds of the population approve of Medvedev's and Putin's work.

Analysts doubt the opposition can be successful.

The opposition has been fractured.

A separate group of activists tried to hold an authorized rally on another city square.

Dozens were detained, including leaders Eduard Limonov and Konstantin Kosyakin.

The authorities said earlier the state does not restrict the right of people to protest, but it should be done in line with the law. Prime minister Putin also said the opposition is there to criticise the ruling party and such criticism is normal.

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