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Pak Lawmaker Outraged At Western Plots against Islam

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TEHRAN, April 2 (ICANA) – A Pakistani parliamentarian on Friday expressed outrage at Western plots against Islamic countries, urging Muslim rulers to listen to their people.
Saturday, April 02, 2011 1:20:03 PM
Pak Lawmaker Outraged At Western Plots against Islam

Talking to IRNA, Senator Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, said imperialists and colonial powers are trying to weaken and divide the Islamic world.

“Their (West) main objective is to gain control over oil producing countries”, he believed.

The political leader was of the view that policies of US backed regimes in Arab world have forced the people to come on streets. “There is no doubt about that world is going to experience a major change”, he viewed.

“US has always supported the dictators for their own selfish interests”, he said.

The parliamentarian opined that the US has to understand that despotism ultimately would fail.

Senator Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan was confident that world powers would fail in accomplishing their evil designs against Islam. “They are losing grip”, he added.

The law maker advised Muslim rulers to listen to their people and do not become tools in the hands of colonial powers. “Do not resist the will of the people”, suggested the legislator.

The politician believed that differences among Muslims help pro-Western dictatorial regimes to prolong their rules.

He regretted that so called powers are trying to hijack uprisings in Muslim countries. “They have attacked Libya only for financial gains”, he opined.

The politician went on to say that colonial powers had attacked Afghanistan only to take control of the recourses of Central Asian countries. “Now they are trying to make Libya another Afghanistan”, he noted.

The JI leader responding to a question said that US must reconsider contradictory policies in supporting dictators and pretending to defend the people's rights.

Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan called for unity among Muslim world to counter conspiracies against Islam. “Muslims must come forward to safeguard their interests”, he stressed.

Expressing his opinion, the JI leader said that the US and Israel cannot tolerate development in Muslim world that is why they are hatching conspiracies against Islamic world.

He added that US and its allies should recognise their failed policies of the past that disturbed the peace of the world.

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