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UK MP Draws Parallels between Libya, US War in Vietnam

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TEHRAN, April 3 (ICANA) – A left-wing British MP has warned of the danger of West becoming embroiled on the ground in Libya in a similar scenario as 'mission creep' led to the involvement of hundreds thousands of US troops in Vietnam in the 1960s.
Sunday, April 03, 2011 6:10:55 PM
UK MP Draws Parallels between Libya, US War in Vietnam

“We have to find a peaceful way to deal this civil war in Libya we have got involved with and joined one side, which is a terrible thing,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

“I am very frightened that we will end up going down the road of some form of occupation. I think this is where the implications of all this will lead to,” Corbyn warned,

In an interview with IRNA, he said that arming the Benghazi-based rebels in Libya, which both Britain and the US have hinted at, was also “not the way forward at all.”

Corbyn, who has been an MP for 28 years and is a vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), has been a staunch opponent of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He referred to the British government's involvement in Libya starting with the limited aim of imposing a no-fly zone but said that within 10 days, “many hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the US and tens of millions of pounds spent by Britain on bombing Libya.”

With Foreign Secretary William Hague refusing to entirely rule out having “boots on the ground,” the MP warned about the prospect of initially sending “military advisers” in a training role.

“Take the history of Vietnam, military advisers in 1960, five years later tens of thousands of military advisers, a few years later hundreds thousands of US troops, that's the whole trajectory we are going on,” he said.

“Make no mistake about it, we are involved in a civil war. It is a war about control, it is a war about influence and above all, it is a war about oil.”

“If the West can create for itself a 'statelet' in the east of Libya, which it looks like it is going to do and leave Gaddafi in the west as a pariah state, maybe they can live with that instability,” Corbyn said.

He criticised the UK government for welcoming the interim transitional council to London last week, saying that Hague failed to explain how the “new people being fettered as the new potential government of Libya were a matter of 20 days ago close confidants of Col. Gaddafi.”

“This is a British, French and to some extent, American operation to get control of a lot of resources ... and this government that was invited over from Benghazi are part of the process of, no doubt in a very short time, receiving arms but above all making oil contracts.”

“What we are doing is offering occupation, weapons, more arms sale, more oil exploitation and more of this neo-colonial relationship between Europe and North Africa,” the Labour MP said.

The rights that people have won in post-colonial territories, he said have “never willingly granted by European or American occupation powers, they have been won by the people in those countries.”

“The hypocrisy of this whole process is breathtaking. Saudi Arabia invades Bahrain - not a word is said about it, many people are killed in Yemen - very little is said about it,” Corbyn said.

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