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Sides Far Apart on US Budget Cuts

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TEHRAN, April 4 (ICANA) – As leading members of Congress face a stalemate over the US budget, the White House tries to broker a deal. President Obama has been trying to negotiate between Congressional leaders to reach a budget agreement.
Monday, April 04, 2011 1:27:27 PM
Sides Far Apart on US Budget Cuts

Fiscal conservatives in the house want to cut 61 Billion dollars from the federal budget, but democrats say 33 billion dollars is closer to reality. Experts say what we are witnessing is a fight over how big government should be.

Without an agreement, government disruption is likely unless a temporary budget is passed in the meantime.

President Obama feels the pressure of a looming deadline which is winding down quickly. The current spending plan expires on Friday. This gives leaders just a few days to agree on a deal or to pass another stopgap measure while talks continue.

And recently, congress members have been facing increased pressure from voters.

Late last week hundreds of Tea Party Protesters rallied throughout the day to pressure conservative lawmakers not to cave in on their promises of slashing spending.

This week the battle of philosophies to restore the US economy takes center stage.

Liberals say too many cuts undermine economic growth. Conservatives say current spending levels are taking a toll on employers and job creation.

The fine line to improve the US economy may lie somewhere in between.

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