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New Bahraini Repressions Revealed

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TEHRAN, April 5 (ICANA) – President of Bahrain's Center for Human Rights Nabeel Rajab has revealed new details on human rights violations in the kingdom as the brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters persist.
Tuesday, April 05, 2011 1:31:55 PM
New Bahraini Repressions Revealed

In an interview with Press TV, Rajab described the human rights situation in Bahrain as very critical, emphasizing that the rights violations and crackdowns on the people are much beyond what is just being seen on the streets.

Nobody in Bahrain has the “guts” to carry cameras and shoot videos of the crackdowns or even keep such footages and pictures on a cell phone, because the person can be subject to arrest and harassment, he said.

Rajab deplored the notion that Bahrainis are being intimidated not only by the ruling government, but also by the foreign forces occupying the Persian Gulf country.

Batelco, Bahrain's main state-run telecommunications company, has recently fired a lot of its employees as part of the government's mounting pressures on the civilian population, Rajab pointed out.

Meanwhile, people have also expressed apprehension at sending their children to school over fears that even kids may be subjected to harassment by security forces, he said.

He pointed to attacks on mosques and Husseinias (Shia religious centers) as other instances of sectarian violence against the Bahraini population.

In Bahrain, of the existing six or seven newspapers, only one chief editor is Shia, as the government does not even tolerate that single individual at that level and has put him under pressure to quit, Rajab added.

The senior rights activists made a reference to reports on cases of rights violations in Bahrain prepared by international human rights organizations such as the Doctors Without Borders and the Amnesty International.

Rajab, however, warned that rights violations in the kingdom are so massive that they cannot be accurately documented.

He criticized the Manama regime for its current policies, saying “I do not know where the government is really heading to. If the government still wants to rule the people, how can it treat them like that?”

Rajab insisted that Bahraini rights activists will not surrender to suppressive efforts by the ruling regime and will move ahead with taking legal measures against perpetrators of such crimes in regional and international bodies.

More than 25 people have been killed, hundreds arrested and thousands injured in the government-authorized violence in Bahrain since February 14, when the public started a popular revolution against the monarchy, which has been ruling the tiny island for more than 200 years.

In March, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait deployed their troops to Bahrain to reinforce a massive armed crackdown on the popular uprising.

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