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Senior Cleric: End Bahrain Invasion

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TEHRAN, April 6 (ICANA) – A senior Iranian cleric has denounced the Saudi military invasion of Bahrain and called on King Abdullah to pull out his forces from the Persian Gulf state immediately.
Wednesday, April 06, 2011 1:22:35 PM
Senior Cleric: End Bahrain Invasion

“The deployment of Saudi troops to Bahrain to assist the Western-backed and oppressive al-Khalifa regime in its efforts to massacre Muslims contradicts the standards of impartiality expected to be observed by the Custodian of Holy Mosques,” part of a Tuesday letter sent by Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi-Golpaygani to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz read.

Meanwhile, Ayatollah Golpaygani, another top Iranian cleric, also urged immediate cessation of Saudi military intervention in Bahrain, and asked Saudi rulers, who claim to be advocating Muslims, to offer an apology over the unjustified incursion.

The Iranian cleric stressed that the affairs and future of Bahrain should be decided by Bahrainis themselves.

Meanwhile, new footage from Bahrain shows a mosque being destroyed in attacks by Saudi forces in the northern Bahraini town of Bu Quwah.

The video, the latest in a series of pictures depicting the brutal crackdown of anti-regime protests in Bahrain, displays burned pages of the Holy Qur'an buried under masses of debris.

Saudi Arabia dispatched some 4,000 troops to neighboring Bahrain in mid-March to help quell month-old protest rallies seeking to break the ruling al-Khalifa family's monopoly on power.

The move has entailed concerns about the possible spillover of the crisis from Bahrain, where the protesters have been seeking to break the Western-backed government's monopoly on power.

Saudi and other Arab rulers fear that any concession by Bahrain's rulers could embolden more protests against their own despotic rulers.

This is while the US military, which has its Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain, has avoided describing the foreign troops' intervention in the country as an invasion.

Bahraini demonstrators maintain that they will hold their ground until their demands for freedom, constitutional monarchy as well as a proportional voice in the government are met.

More than 25 people have so far been killed and some 3,000 others have been injured as a result of government-authorized violence since anti-government protests began in Bahrain in mid-February.

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