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America's Pro-Israeli Policy out of Date

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TEHRAN, April 7 (ICANA) - The European parliament has reportedly condemned the violent repression of Bahrain's peaceful protests as the Manama regime's brutal crackdown claims yet another life.
Thursday, April 07, 2011 1:59:59 PM
America's Pro-Israeli Policy out of Date

Reports also indicate human rights groups have called on the United Nations to hold an urgent session to address the continuing turmoil on the tiny Persian Gulf Island.

Rodney Shakespeare, Chairman of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain, commented on the recent developments across Bahrain in an interview with Press TV. A rush transcript of the interview follows.

Q: This condemnation that comes from the European Parliament, even though it does speak of the serious loss of life, injuries and imprisonment of protesters in Bahrain, it falls short of calling for democracy. Do you think this resolution comes too little too late?

Shakespeare: It is much too little and it is much too late. There is no way that one can avoid the issue. This is about a democracy which is being ruthlessly suppressed. It is a completely fascist repression at this moment. The Bahraini monarchy is endeavoring to destroy all the features of Bahraini society. They are putting people out of work; they are catching them in the street and beating them up. They have destroyed a mosque. These are all the features of a gross atrocity creating fascism. And the Europe is just playing it both ways at once. On the one hand, they are saying “Oh dear, oh dear! Things are a little bit nasty,” yet they are not prepared to go to the heart of the issue which is that this is a democracy issue and it is now against a vicious fascism.

That is the situation elsewhere. It is in Yemen and Egypt. It is ultimately about whether you take this moment in history to support democracy. The Americans are completely now hated throughout the world and yet they could redeem their reputation if they just saw that this is a point of history and if they just said we will throw out these ghastly torturing regimes; every one of them straight out of the window, now and finish. If America did that, there would be other issues as to what game the Americans are going to get up to and how they would want to control the countries, but the key issue is a democratic one. The Americans have actually instructed; instigated the repression in Bahrain. They are straight behind it, and they are straight behind it, because their foreign policy is controlled by Zionist Israel. Europe of course is playing it both ways, and they have not got the guts to stand up for democracy which is what they should do.

Q: Many say the cold response that we are getting from the West, particularly the United States, is because it supports the repression of the protests, and because the United States is choosing to remain silent until the crisis in Bahrain is over. Do you think the United States can afford to sit this one out?

Shakespeare: First of all, the feature of the situation is that in a country with extremes of wealth -- and I am referring here to the USA -- we see the middle class has been going backwards for twenty-five years; we see unemployment is at least 20-22 and maybe now 25, and of course amongst the youth and blacks it is 30 or 40 percent. This is a huge rich-poor division that is paralleled in countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In Egypt, roughly over fifty percent live on three dollars a day, and they are the ones you do not see protesting. They spend their time just trying to survive. So it is right to say that there are profound economic issues behind all this.

The United States is effectively capable of overthrowing all of those regimes, but it is not going to do so, because at the heart of what is now a fascism it is the United States of America aided by its supine, cowardly allies that include the United Kingdom. And these people use every trick they can to suppress what is obviously a straightforward democratic revolution, which is now starting there. They are completely out of touch with history.

I say to everybody now that “You must not watch the television. You must act politically.” The issue now in Bahrain is that there is not a clear jurisdiction. It can take a year, even for the simplest of crimes -- recently a man was brought to justice in Argentina after thirty years for crimes committed in the period of 1976-82. The immediate need is for a political awareness of the bigger issues -- rich-poor division, and a vicious suppression. It is a rising fascism. We have to have political support now, and once we get the political support, we will get the jurisdiction. For example, the United Nations Security Council would immediately give the International Criminal Court jurisdiction, and would have these people by the throat immediately.

I myself have sad straight to the Bahraini ambassador. I have said “You are a torturer. You organized the torture when you were in charge of security in Bahrain -- that is just before he became the ambassador. We are going to bring you before a criminal court of justice.” We need to say to all of these people that no matter how long it takes, at some point we will get the jurisdiction. We have got the evidence. We have got the witnesses. But when we get the jurisdiction, we will go for them, and the people who are holding up this jurisdiction are the United States of America and those hypocrites in Europe. They are hypocrites and they are cowards. But everybody has got to act politically to get the pressure on these criminals.

Q: When the United States first attacked Libya, there was a lot of talk of how this is going to be a message to all authoritarian regimes within the Middle East and North Africa. Then there is Bahrain where the same is happening -- if not worse -- but there has not been a single word about it. Let us have your comments please.

Shakespeare: In Libya, the NATO, Europe and the United States are playing a sort of double-headed game. At one moment they are putting the attacks in so as to weaken the government forces, and then they pull back and let the government forces attack the democrats. The object of this is to weaken both sides, and eventually to make both sides beholden to Europe, so that Europe can take over and control at least half the country that has the oil. There is no doubt about it in this game. America and Europe are out manipulating and controlling. But there is now the bigger issue. It is the question of democracy, and here you have the difference between Libya and Bahrain. The authoritarian states of the Middle East are controlled as part of the American policy to support a totally vicious out-of-control paranoid Israel. That is the basic problem. But that policy is out of date. And Americans' policy for authoritarian regimes is out of date.

When those authoritarian regimes are overthrown, there could be a period of a year in which people are invited to organize themselves with parties and things. I am not going to claim that there would be an immediate utopia. But this is a chance for America, and it is a chance for everybody to put the political pressure on to point out the big difference between Libya and Bahrain. Bahrain is small and tiny and therefore they are going to crush it. It is horrific what is going on. Those have gone on strike have now been all sacked from their jobs. They are going to use starvation as a method of controlling and suppressing that population. That is the next one which is coming. Now the unions, and any organized group in the West, should be out in the streets demanding that this issue is brought straight to the notice of the political bodies and that some sort of action is taken. The unions in the United Kingdom are not looking after their own interest. They are not actually looking internationally and seeing that fascism is coming to this world so rapidly. By the end of the year, you will have a fascist repression in America. I am afraid everybody is going to act politically and quickly as part of the process of protecting those poor people in Bahrain.

Q: What do think is going to happen next in light of the European Parliament's resolution condemning the use of force in Bahrain. Do think we are going to see a pattern of awareness with regard to Bahrain on the part of the international community now?

Shakespeare: No, you will not see that awareness until everybody takes political action. At the moment, the European Parliament is playing it the both ways. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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