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Obama Nowruz Memo Insults Iranians

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TEHRAN, April 7 (ICANA) – Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blasted US President Barack Obama's Nowruz message as an “insult” to the Iranian nation, questioning his understanding of values behind the internationally recognized cultural event.
Thursday, April 07, 2011 8:02:32 PM
Obama Nowruz Memo Insults Iranians

“Undoubtedly, your Nowruz message is an insult to the Iranian nation. While threatening the Iranian nation in the message, you have again exposed your ugly pretense from behind the mask of deceit,” said President Ahmadinejad, addressing a massive crowd in the western major city of Kermanshah on Thursday.

Noting that the Iranian New Year, or Nowruz, is filled with values such as peace, compassion, tranquility, divinity, justice, optimism, sacrifice and brotherhood, he asked the American president, “You, who issue a Nowruz message to the Iranian nation, what understanding have you found from such humane and divine features?”

The Iranian president also described US officials as “puppets of the Zionist regime (Israel)” and reiterated that the nation of Iran places no value on their words and policy positions. He then reminded the American officials that there is only a single path for them to take regarding Iran and that is 'befriending the Iranian nation.”

In his message to the Iranian nation on the occasion of Nowruz, Obama criticized the Tehran government for what he called “a campaign of intimidation and abuse” following the June 2009 presidential election.

Asserting that “the future of Iran belongs to the young,” the US president claimed that he would stand by the Iranian youth in determining their future.

However, in a major address marking Nowruz on March 22, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei also mocked Obama's Nowruz message and charged the US establishment with hypocrisy.

“The real hypocrite is the US. With regards to Egypt they said we are with the [Egyptian] nation but they lied. They cooperated with the nation's enemy until the very last moment. They said the same thing about Tunisia, that we support the people. Now the US president sends a message to the Iranian people that we support you,” the Leader said.

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