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Southern Lebanese Slam US Convoy Visit

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TEHRAN, April 8 (ICANA) – A spontaneous rally happened last Saturday in Sidon, the third-largest city in Lebanon, in protest at a US convoy's unexpected visit to the city.
Friday, April 08, 2011 7:39:46 PM
Southern Lebanese Slam US Convoy Visit

The protestors who were provoked by the scene of the convoy's resting in one of the city's cafe, with its guards flaunting their weapons started to chant anti-US slogans, shouting "Leave Sidon" and "the US is unwelcome in South Lebanon".

Why does the US convoy pay unexpected visits? What are their claims? And what is the Lebanese government's reaction?

The Lebanese armed forces who also pointed guns at the protestors, detained three college students and kept them in custody till Thursday only to find out that another US convoy had come to their hometown and had been greeted with a similar protest. But you do not speak much about today's protest!

The released men denied accusations that they had thrown stones at security guards. They say the face-off with the US embassy's security guards happened after one of the guards hit a protestor in the face.

Former Member of Parliament and head of the Popular Nasserite Organization, Oussama Saad, said what the protestors did was to exercise their democratic right by objecting to a visit by people viewed as US spies wandering around in Sidon.

Also, several political parties such as The Arab Nationalist Movement as well as the Lebanese Communist Party, have voiced their supported for anti-US protests in Sidon.

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