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Argentine Parliament Mulls Healthcare Overhaul

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TEHRAN, April 8 (ICANA) – The public healthcare system in Argentina is a big mess. There are many people who are using these services and not getting the best treatment. Now the lower house of the parliament is trying to find ways to improve the situation and the question is whether they can succeed.
Friday, April 08, 2011 7:45:04 PM
Argentine Parliament Mulls Healthcare Overhaul

The public healthcare system is run by an umbrella of union organizations. This means instead of the government controlling the healthcare, it is controlled by unions. This could mean no tretament for non union members. Social leaders who were also present at the meeting said the situation in rural areas and provinces is even more critical.

Workers of one of the most important hospitals, the Garrahan Hospital, took to the streets recently over poor working conditions and higher salaries.

The Association of Health Professionals and the Association of State Workers led the protest rally after negotiations with the Department of Labor failed The secretary of the Association of State Workers had this to say to Press TV.

Quite the opposite, the private healthcare sector is doing a large business in Argentina. There is next to no formal regulation of the private healthcare system in Argentina, which leads to greater worries about false advertising, and shady business practices.

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