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Iran Mull Downgrading Ties with UK

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, April 11 (ICANA) – Iran's Parliament's (Majlis) Vice Speaker Mohammad Hassan Abou-Torabi says decreasing ties with the UK is on the Iranian lawmakers' agenda.
Monday, April 11, 2011 11:38:43 AM
Iran Mull Downgrading Ties with UK

“The plan is already on the National Security Commission's agenda and it will be considered by Majlis in due time,” Fars News Agency quoted Abou-Torabi as saying on Monday.

Earlier in January, a group of Iranian lawmakers announced plans to set up a special faction at the parliament tasked with pursuing initiatives to cut all relations with the British government, following remarks made by the British ambassador to Iran Simon Gass for criticizing the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic.

Iran has considered breaking off relations with Britain several times due to London's meddlesome and undiplomatic approach toward Tehran.

Most notable among the invasive moves has been remarks by the chief of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), John Sawers, who accused Iran in October of pursuing clandestine nuclear activities.

He further advised espionage as a crucial measure to stop Tehran's nuclear program.

Iranian lawmakers, therefore, voted on a motion on December 19, 2010 based on which the government would be obliged to sever its relations with the British government.

The lawmakers, the members of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the parliament or Majlis, condemned the British government's interference in the country's domestic affairs, especially human rights situation in Iran.

In the recent remarks posted on the website of the British Embassy in Tehran on the International Human Rights Day, British Ambassador to Iran Simon Gass had criticized the human rights situation in Iran.

"The British government will continue to draw attention to cases in which people are deprived of their fundamental freedom," Gass claimed.

Gass, the current British ambassador to Tehran, is the nephew or grandchild of Neville Gass, a former British envoy to Iran. For Iranians, Neville is an unpopular British agent who imposed the Gass-Golshayan Agreement on Iran on behalf of the British government on July 17, 1949.

A prominent Iranian historian, Khosrow Motazed, said London had always been pursuing a policy to betray Iranians and plunder their wealth.

Motazed went on to say that Neville was a notorious British agent who won the Gass-Golshayan Agreement through bribing the then Iranian officials. The deal which could have led to the plundering of Iran's oil wealth for almost 50 years was later rejected by the nation and their representatives at Majlis.

Describing Neville Gass as a “disreputable” politician, Motazed said, “When he came to Iran, French media referred to him as a trickster who had come to Iran to deceive Iranian nation.”

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